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Whole House Water Filter
- Jun 27, 2017 -

Whole house water filter is filled with quartz sand and active carbon. Quartz sand is used for achieving the uniformity of water distribution and activated carbon is mainly for the water filtration. 

※High precision pure physical filtration, purified water can be directly consumed;

Ultrafiltration membrane separation of high-tech, high precision pure physical filtration, filtration accuracy of 0.01 microns, effectively filter out water sediment, bacteria, colloids, rust, suspended solids, algae, macromolecules and other harmful substances, while retaining beneficial to the human body Trace elements and minerals, purified water can be directly consumed.

※UPAN food grade membrane formula, do not add stabilizer, no lead;

UPAN film formula, food grade membrane material, do not add stabilizer, does not contain "lead", safe, green, environmental protection, does not constitute secondary pollution, to ensure water quality.

※Mirror ultrafiltration process, efficient anti - pollution;

"Mirror" ultrafiltration membrane molding process, making the ultrafiltration membrane micro-surface finish, easy to stain and easy to flush sewage to ensure water quality and product water flow.

※Automatic flushing structure, easy to discharge;

Efficient flushing sewage structure, effectively flush the filter membrane retained pollutants, to prevent the filter blockage, to ensure that the purified water flow, extend the filter cartridge life.

※Without electricity pressure, safe and energy saving

The utility model has the advantages of no need of electricity and pressure, and the pressure of the tap water can be filtere.

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