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Water Treatment Equipment Applications
- May 28, 2018 -

Power industry water

Thermal power, thermal power plant, mining enterprises, medium - and low-pressure boiler power, water supply system.

Main USES: power plant, high and low pressure boiler, air conditioning, cold storage and other circulating water. High purity water is used in the production of microelectronic products, high purity water is used for integrated circuits such as semiconductor and picture tube, computer circuit board, solar cell and dry battery.

Water system for chemical industry, chemical reaction cooling, chemical reagents, chemical fertilizers, fine chemicals and cosmetics.

Main USES: water for textile printing and dyeing, paper making, pure water for chemical reagent production. Pure water for skin care products production, pure water for shampoo production and pure water for hair dye production. Chemical laboratory, physical laboratory, biological laboratory.

Industrial coating water

Surface coating, cleaning, coating glass and battery water system for automobiles, household appliances and building materials.

Main applications: high purity water for plating and glass coating.

Beverage water

Drinking pure water, natural water, beverage, low alcohol blending water, pure beer filtering.

Main applications: pure water, mineral water production, food, beverage production pure water, hotels, residential areas.

Water for the medical pharmaceutical industry

Medical large infusion, injection, pharmaceutical, biochemical products water sterile medical water, artificial kidney water and hemodialysis water.

Main applications: pharmaceutical, needling water, health care products, oral liquid production, pharmaceutical raw materials, intermediate products, biological agents, enzyme extraction, protein separation.

Public water treatment system

Seawater desalination, schools, communities, hotels, real estate property quality water supply network system.

Main use: daily life water treatment engineering, swimming pool filter disinfection engineering, breeding of ornamental fish in water, water-saving irrigation, desert brackish water desalination system, sea water desalination system, electroplating wastewater treatment metal recycling, sewage treatment reuse, product cleaning water recycling use treatment, industrial wastewater treatment.

Pure water purification equipment for water treatment equipment

The drinking pure water purification plant is composed of pretreatment, reverse osmosis system and fine treatment. Purpose is to reduce the equipment cover an area of an area, easy to transport and install debugging, covers an area of small, fast installation, beautiful appearance, convenient operation and maintenance, equipment parts choose Ocr18Ni9 (304), stainless steel, pipe of low pressure part adopts A.B.S engineering plastics, high pressure parts made of high-quality stainless steel main components (membrane, pumps, instruments, etc.) are provided by foreign famous professional manufacturers, the whole machine performance abroad during the same period.