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Water Purifier Product Introduction
- Jun 02, 2018 -

Classification is introduced

According to the design grade of pipeline, it can be divided into two categories: tapering water purifier and self-cleaning water purifier. Traditional water purifier is gradually tight type water filter, its internal piping design filter before the loose and tight, by PP melt-blown filter, carbon particles, compressed carbon, RO reverse osmosis membrane or rear ultrafiltration membranes, activated carbon, are generally of the 5 levels, in turn, end to end. The residues are deposited in the filter element and need to be removed and washed manually regularly to ensure the normal operation of the machine. Another kind is a more advanced self-cleaning water purifiers, machine design two channels, and added a washing water pathway, ordinary life as usual after water washing water passage inside the machine filter, especially when the raw water side of the membrane filter have the effect of scour to clean itself, and use the open and close the washing water tap moment of which is to end two already sewage interception by water will flow out in a timely manner and quickly discharge, the structure design is reasonable, saves on the artificial unpick and wash, be exempted from the institutions themselves again pollution, at the same time, and reduce the energy costs. The self-cleaning water purifier adopts the new principle of mass separation and circulation. The impurities are cleaned out at any time. The inner core is clean to avoid secondary pollution.

But please consumers to identify, self-cleaning water purifier can see on market is different from automatic sewage water purifiers, computer automatic flushing water purifiers and automatic backwash water purifiers, the former is the machine self-cleaning, all that is on the inside of the machine filter has certain self cleaning function. Generally speaking, the self-cleaning water purifier is equivalent to installing a garbage processor on the pipe, and the dirt can be cleaned out at any time without stopping in the machine. The traditional non-self-cleaning water purifier is equivalent to a number of garbage cans in the room, and the dirt is usually stored in the machine temporarily, so regular sewage discharge, cleaning and frequent replacement of filter elements are required.

Today, in addition to conventional water purifiers, there are smart ones.

Intelligent water purifier

Refers to low waste discharge, water purifier with LED display, with a voice to remind function, temperature monitoring, control, temperature, water level control, water level monitoring alarm functions such as water purifiers, intelligent water purifiers through the program Settings, can use intelligent judgment water purifiers, automatic flushing, automatic drainage, helium krypton intelligent identification water purifier filter use time remaining, and timely smart reminder to replace filter.