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Water Filtration Principle
- Feb 22, 2019 -

Water filter vacuum cleaner USES water as filter medium, all sorts of microorganism such as dust, rubbish and bacterium are in by powerful suction suction when passing cisternatorium, great majority is dissolved, lock in water. Wet the dust through water to avoid the overflow of fine dust when vacuuming; Inhalation through water purification, dissolve allergens, bacteria and other microorganisms. Then, the water is further filtered through HEPA and high-efficiency filter cotton, etc., ensuring the perfect and efficient water filtration through these three purification systems. Water filtration technology was originally developed for allergic people. Through water dissolution, it locks in dust, particles and allergens, pollens, dust mites, and tiny micro-bacteria, so as to avoid allergic phenomena caused by unclean air during dust collection.