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The RO Reverse Osmosis Of Water Purifier Filter Core
- Nov 09, 2018 -

The RO reverse osmosis of water purifier filter core can remove impurities below 0.001 micron: aromatic polyamide manufacturing process: reverse osmosis, normal water flow from low concentration to high concentration, once the water is pressurized, will flow from high concentration to low concentration, this process is called reverse osmosis principle. Main functions: as a result of the RO membrane pore size is one over one million of a human hair (0.0001 um), generally the naked eye cannot see, bacteria, viruses, is it 5000 times, therefore, only water molecules can pass, desalination rate is as high as 96% above (desalination rate = (raw water TDS value - purifying water TDS) present raw water TDS value (100%), so the RO membrane is also called the high-tech artificial kidney in vitro, the water to pure water