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The Filtering Process
- Oct 29, 2018 -

The water to be treated by the filter enters the body from the inlet, and impurities in the water are deposited on the stainless steel mesh, resulting in pressure difference. The pressure difference of inlet and outlet is monitored through the pressure difference switch. When the pressure difference reaches the set value, the electric controller gives the hydraulic control valve and drives the motor signal. Commissioning, equipment installation, the technician to set time filtering and cleaning conversion time, to be processed in the water by water entry into the body, filter began to work, when reaches the preset cleaning time, electric control device for hydraulic control valves, motor drive signal, caused by the following action: motor driving brush rotation, the filter cleaning, emission control valve to open at the same time, the whole cleaning process for dozens of seconds, when the end of the cleaning, close the valve, the motor stop running, the system back to its initial state, began to filter into the next process. The inner part of the filter shell is mainly composed of coarse mesh, fine mesh, suction pipe, stainless steel brush or stainless steel suction nozzle, sealing ring, anti-corrosion coating, rotating shaft, etc.

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