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- Apr 11, 2017 -

It is used as a filter driving force for pressure exerted at the inlet of suspended liquids or mechanical pressing for wet materials, which is suitable for the suspension of the large filter pressure difference, which is also divided into intermittent operation and continuous operation. The intermittent operation of the tubular filter and pressure filter is used for the low concentration suspension filtration. Filter is also a kind of intermittent operation of the pressure filter, and also divided into plate-frame, box type and vertical 3 kinds, widely used. Oil filter is equipped with oil pumps, vacuum evaporator and other accessories of the plate-box filter Press unit. The continuous operation of the drum pressure filter and disc pressurized filter in the sealed shell in the body to filter, the structure of the drum vacuum filter and disc vacuum filter similar. Because of complex structure, less application.

Commonly used pressure filtration is the use of Filter chamber volume smaller or exert mechanical pressing force to filter, the residue moisture content is low, applicable to the high concentration of solid particles suspended liquid. In the Belt press filter, the wet residue after the initial desorption of gravity or vacuum is sandwiched between the two filter strips, and then extruded by the roller. Spiral Press filter with the pores of the cylinder, which has a rotating spiral, spiral groove depth, the material from the deep groove to add to the shallow trough, the filter room gradually decreased, the material is squeezed, the filtrate by the pores of the cylinder, the residue discharged by the small end.

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