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- Apr 11, 2017 -

Precision filters are for filtering precision, generally between sand filter (coarse filter) and ultrafiltration. Under the effect of pressure, the original water passes through the filter element, the impurity interception is on the filter wall, the water penetration filter core outflow, thus achieves the filtration purpose. At present, China's production of filter equipment manufacturers are mainly small and medium-sized enterprises. Products using high-quality stainless steel, rigid PVC, Engineering plastics, plexiglass and other corrosion-resistant materials to do shell, which mainly high-quality stainless steel, built-in different media filter. Built-in filter has PE core, honeycomb core, folding core, titanium tube sintered core, activated carbon core, ceramic core, polypropylene fiber filter and so on. Filter filter effect is different, so precision filter can be based on the raw water quality, water quality and water requirements to remove suspended solids, some colloidal substances and fine particles, etc., to achieve different filtration accuracy. The precision filter of the market is in the range of 0.2-100um. Precision filters are often used as electrodialysis, ion exchange, reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration and other devices protective filters, can be applied to food, liquor, pharmaceutical chemicals, electronics and other industries, such as:

Food industry: fine filtration of mineral water, beverage, liquor clarification filtration treatment. Pharmaceutical industry: Sterile water, oral liquid, infusion, injection and other water treatment;

Electronics industry: Semiconductor, instrumentation, kinescope, such as production plant pure water provision, washing the filter;

Chemical Industry: Organic solvents, esters, alcohols, acids, alkali and other chemical raw materials, oil purification;

Environmental protection: electroplating Wastewater, printing wastewater, pharmaceutical wastewater, and other industrial wastewater treatment. Water treatment of seawater, brackish water desalination, the water treatment of guesthouses and apartments;

Garden Gardening: Park Gardens, greenhouses, livestock, industrial needs to artificially create ultra-fine water mist venues, as well as the irrigation maintenance of high-grade flowers.