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Performance Features
- Apr 11, 2017 -

1. Efficient, precise filtration: Special structure filter technology, the performance of precise and sensitive, ensure that only particles that are less than the required size can enter the system, and are the most effective filtration system; Specifications have 5 μ, 10 μ, 20 μ, 55 μ, 100 μ, 130 μ, 200 μ, etc., users can choose different precision filters according to water requirements. System flow can be adjusted flexibly according to need.

2. Standard modular, saving footprint: System based on standard disc filter unit, according to modular design, users can choose on demand, flexible, interchangeability strong. Compact system, minimal footprint, flexible use of the corner space to install, such as processing water 300m3/h about the equipment to occupy only about 6m2 (general water quality, filtration grade 100 μ).

3. Automatic operation, continuous effluent: In the filter combination between the units, reverse washing process Alternately, work, the state of the automatic switching between washing, to ensure continuous effluent; Wash water consumption is very small, only accounted for 0.5% of the water, such as with auxiliary air washing, water consumption can be reduced to below 0.2%. High speed and thorough washing, just a few ten seconds to complete

4. Long life: The new type of plastic filtration components rugged, no wear, no corrosion, very little fouling, after years of practical industrial verification, use 6-10 years also no wear, will not aging, filtration and anti-washing effect will not be due to the use of time to deteriorate.

5. High quality, low maintenance: The product meets the corresponding quality standard, all products are tested and commissioning by simulated working condition before the factory, no special tools, few parts, easy to use, only regular inspection, and almost no daily maintenance.

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