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- Apr 11, 2017 -

The pressure formed by the gravity of the suspension and the bit difference in the filtration medium is used as the driving force of filtration, usually intermittent operation, such as a sand device.


A negative pressure is formed at the outlet of the filtrate as a driving force for filtration. Industrial Vacuum Filter operates the absolute pressure of the vacuum for (2.5~8.0) x105 kpa. The temperature of the suspension liquid should be lower than the vaporization temperature of the filtrate under the operation vacuum. This filter is divided into intermittent operation and continuous operation two. Intermittent operation of the vacuum filter can filter a variety of concentrations of suspended liquid. The vacuum filter is filled with suspended liquid in the container casing. The filter leaves of both sides are immersed in suspension, and the inner cavity of the filter is communicated with the vacuum system. After the filtrate is sucked out by the catheter, the residue of the filter leaf surface is cleared after the shutdown. The continuous operation of the vacuum filter is suitable for filtering thick suspended liquid containing solid particles. The working principle of drum vacuum filter, Inner filter surface drum vacuum filter, disc vacuum filter and Tipping bucket vacuum filter are similar. The entire filter is divided into a plurality of separated filter chambers, each rotating filter chamber through the distribution valve and each fixed order of the pipe, to suck out the filtration of the indoor filtrate, washing liquid, or into compressed air. Each filter chamber rotation completes the whole process of filtration operation, the operation of multiple filter chambers is connected to form continuous filtration. The structure of the belt type vacuum filter is similar to the belt conveyor, and has a continuous filtration belt, which is suitable for the easy filtration suspension. The Belt vacuum filter, the inner filter surface drum vacuum filter and the tipping bucket vacuum filter are all in the filter medium (filter cloth) upper feeding, especially suitable for the solid particle density large, fast settling suspended liquid.

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