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Drinking Water Health Concerns. Household Water Purifier Is Not The More Expensive The Better.
- May 19, 2018 -

With the improvement of living standards, many families are paying more and more attention to the health of drinking water, and water purification equipment has become the standard of modern families. Reporters recently visited various stores and some stores found that the price difference of water purifier mainly depends on water output and filter element. Experts say household water purifiers are not the more expensive the better, they should be chosen according to their actual needs. It is suggested that in daily life, cooking, cooking, etc., or using tap water as much as possible, can fully complement all kinds of elements needed by the human body.

In Suning Appliance Zhengda purple store, the reporter saw that the whole shopping mall mainly sold a water purifier called "Qinyuan", the price ranged from 2999 yuan to 16800 yuan. "This brand of water purifier is very good sales, the most consumer like a price of about 3999 yuan, can also give a tea bar, the public at home do not have to buy a drinking machine." A guide man surnamed Liu told reporters that the key of the water purifier lies in the quantity of water and the filter core. The price of the water purifier with a small water quantity and the high changing frequency of the filter core is relatively low, and the price of the water purifier with a large amount of water and a small replacement frequency of the filter core is relatively high.

Taking one of the 16800 Yuan water purifier as an example, the effluent volume is about 3 tons per day, and the replacement period of the filter element is two to three years. "This unit is mainly used by units, and the number of personnel can also meet the water consumption, but the cost of filter element replacement is higher." The guide said. This statement has also been confirmed by a salesman in Yunshan store, Gome. "The price of the water purifier in our store is between 2999-5999 yuan, and the price difference is also mainly reflected in the filter core and water output."

Reporters at the exit of the third floor of Zhengda purple store, Carrefour, saw a water purifier more than one meter high. A Carrefour employee who is receiving water told reporters that this can be directly drunk, but also a free drinking water for customers.

What is the difference between ordinary tap water and purified water? In a water purifier store on the West Garden Road, Mr. Zhao, the owner of the shop, tested a cup of tap water and purified water with a long strip of TDS test pen. It showed that the value of tap water was 115 and the value of purified water was 5. "This means that there are 115 kinds of impurities in tap water and 5 impurities in tap water after purification." According to Mr. Zhao, after purifying the tap water, it can effectively filter the sediment, rust and solid impurities in the tap water, and soften the water quality. The water after purification can be drunk directly to improve the quality of water for living in the public.

"At present, tap water is treated by conventional physical and chemical methods, and some mineral elements are retained. It can be heated by heating and can be directly consumed and some minerals can be absorbed by the body. But the water purifier can not purify the substances in the water, the cleaner water, which means that the harmful and beneficial elements of the human body are purified, and this pure water is not very good for the absorption of minerals in the body. One expert, who has been engaged in water treatment work for many years, suggests that a few tap water should be properly used in daily life, rather than blindly using water purifier.