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Compound Processing Method
- Jun 15, 2018 -

When it is difficult to remove harmful substances from water by one process, two or more processes are combined. Such as activated carbon adsorption, ultraviolet sterilization, activated carbon adsorption reverse osmosis, activated carbon adsorption micro-filtration (over filtration), polypropylene ultra-fine fiber, activated carbon, micro-filtration (over filtration), etc. In complex water purifiers, membrane technology composite water purifier water purification performance is good, especially in the aspect of removal of microorganisms (bacteria, algae, etc.) have more significant effect, some of them are of good quality water purifier water can directly drink, by the vast number of consumers welcome, has become a hot spot for the development of water purifiers.

The design and manufacture of water purifiers is a comprehensive science and technology. The design principle of water purifier should be for the user's consideration. In terms of the characteristic of the quality of Chinese regions, and personnel populated areas along the Yangtze river organic pollution is serious, and water supply enterprises throughout the country villages and towns small and groundwater use area of bacterial contamination problems. So only some are of good quality water purifier can adapt to different water quality throughout the country, so water purifier manufacturers should according to water quality in different areas of the condition, carefully designed to adapt to different water sources, but the water purifiers processing effect is good.

In short water purifier relates to ten million people drinking water safety and health, for this water purifier itself quality and water quality must be brought to the attention of the manufacturers, and constantly absorbing and the use of advanced technology and equipment, improve the quality of the water purifier in order to satisfy people's growing consumption.