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Common Troubleshooting Methods For Water Treatment Equipment
- May 14, 2018 -

Installation and operation of a set of iron and manganese demineralized water equipment

1. The iron and manganese filter should be placed on the horizontal concrete foundation, and the foundation should be stable to prevent uneven settlement.

2, before filtering materials should be carefully screened according to the requirements, after screening from bottom to top, large and small layer by layer loading.

3, the filter fill should be completed in time to backwash, water from bottom to the bottom, the unqualified filter sand powder and mud wash away in time, until the water clarification can be formally run.

4. When quartz sand filter media is used, the filter should start at low filtration speed, and then increase the filtration rate gradually after the formation of the oxide film.

5, backwash cycle is generally determined according to the water quality and pressure after treatment. When the difference of the inlet and outlet pressure meter reaches the value of the allowable head loss of the equipment, the back flushing should be carried out immediately after the content of iron (manganese) in the filtered water exceeds the specified value.

6, backwashing intensity is generally about 15L/S*m2, backwash is generally 5 to 7min.

7, the filter material of the iron (manganese) filter should be made up every year, mash the large blocks which are bonded together, and observe the thickness of the filter layer. If it is found that the filter layer is thinner, the filter layer should be filled in time.