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- Apr 11, 2017 -

Filtration industry is widely used in a set of equipment, the traditional filtration products of small amount of pollution, easy to be contaminated by blocking, filtering parts of the need to dismantle and clean the state of the filter can not monitor the many shortcomings overcome, with the original water filter and automatic filter to clean the function of sewage. It consists of shell, multi-element filter, backwash mechanism, electric control box, reducer, electric valve and differential pressure controller. The inner cavity of the shell is divided into the upper and lower two cavities, the upper cavity is equipped with multiple filter cores, which utilizes the filtration space, reduces the filter volume remarkably, and the Backwash sucker is installed in the lower cavity.

Filter for

At work, the turbidity liquid through the entrance into the filter cavity, and through the diaphragm hole into the filter cavity, more than the filter core gaps in impurities interception, the net liquid through the gap to reach the upper cavity, and finally sent out from the exit.

Advantages: Automatic filtration accuracy defaults to 100 microns, and from 10 to 3000 micron optional, filter area large, high pollution, users can be customized according to actual conditions. Cleaning method is simple, and the cleaning cycle electronic monitoring, can realize automatic cleaning sewage. All parameters of automatic self-cleaning filter control system can be adjusted and so on.