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What are the advantages of activated carbon filter as water filtration equipment?
- Apr 09, 2018 -

Filters, activated carbon filter is filtered water could reduce water turbidity, chroma, purify water quality, to bad breath, organic matter in water, colloid, the adsorption capacity of iron and residual chlorine effect is very good. High water efficiency. Have the following advantages:

1. High efficiency: 24 hours continuous work, no downtime backwashing.

2. Low operating cost: backflush pump that does not require high lift flow.

3. Low maintenance cost: low failure rate and maintenance expense.

4. Low one-off investment: no need for single coagulation pool, clarification tank and other facilities, no backwash pump and electric, pneumatic valve and other equipment, small amount of work, and one-time investment.

5. Small loss of water head: single filter material and the filter material is clean and timely, the head loss is small, and the total head loss is less than 0.5m.

6. Water quality requirements are loose: can withstand 150mg for a long time.

L concentration SS water inlet water quality, temporarily withstanding 300mg.

The effluent water quality of L concentration was constant.

7. The water quality is stable and the filtering effect is good. The filter material is clean and timely, it can guarantee the high quality and stable effluent effect, without the periodic water quality fluctuation.

Activated carbon filter is widely used in food, electronics, chemical industry, industrial wastewater and other industries. Can meet the requirement of hydraulic system to filter precision, can block certain impurities into the system; The filter element is strong enough not to be damaged by pressure; The capacity of the flow is large and the pressure loss is small. Easy to clean and replace.