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Type of water filter.
- Apr 17, 2018 -

The tap water filter is the daily tap water used in the household, which makes it fully meet the standard of cooking and drinking in the kitchen. Such purification equipment is the water filter, which is also called pure water machine or water purifier in the industry.

There are many kinds of purifiers that filter the domestic tap water. There are simple filters, such as the water purifier with low cost, such as PP cotton, activated carbon, and compressed carbon. There are also good, such as through ultrafiltration membrane to filter tap water has reached the kitchen and other basic living water standard water purifier; A slightly healthy and well-funded population, the RO membrane is widely used to filter the filter element (also known as reverse osmosis water purifier) and ultrafiltration membrane water purifier, energy purifier, etc. The standard of RO reverse osmosis water purifier is 5 levels of filtration, namely: PP cotton, particle carbon, compressed carbon, RO reverse osmosis membrane, post-activated carbon (also known as small T33) 5; Ultrafiltration membrane ultrafiltration water purifier is give priority to, other filter such as activated carbon filter) (not including energy is complementary, ultrafiltration water purifier according to the installation can be divided into vertical and horizontal, vertical ultrafiltration water purifier by PP cotton, granular activated carbon, activated carbon, compression of ultrafiltration membrane under external pressure, T33 composition; The horizontal ultrafiltration water purifier consists of stainless steel case and internal pressure ultrafiltration membrane and KDF.

Filtering characteristics: 1. Divided into two categories, the pure water filter can filter all the beneficial and harmful substances in the water, which is suitable for the northern regions with serious scale. Ultrafiltration filter can filtrate large molecular material in water, which is suitable for southern region with better water quality.

2. The harmful substances such as heavy metals, estrogen (birth control pills) and pesticides in water can be effectively filtered.

3. Can improve the different color peculiar smell of tap water, improve the taste of direct drinking water, reduce turbidity and chlorine content.