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New Product development
- Apr 11, 2017 -

Traditional filters are usually used to separate particles from liquids, and the filter needs to be replaced and cleaned frequently, otherwise it is easy to clog. the oral filtration ability of fishes is stronger than that. Filter-feeding fishes, such as goldfish, spoon-kissing sturgeon, basking sharks and whale sharks, can retain food particles while filtering food and avoid clogging of oral filters.

The research team of the American College of William and Mary reported March 29, 2016 that they designed an efficient filter model based on the filtration mechanism of the filter-feeding fish mouth structure. Able to effectively avoid clogging problems, they are in the latest edition of the British Nature Communications Network report that a key kiss Sturgeon and basking shark's mouth is called the "gill Bow" structure, they designed a 3d-print cone-shaped nylon plastic filter model. They put the model into a water pool to observe the filter effect and compare it with the filtration mechanism of the mouth structure of the spoon-kissing sturgeon.