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High Efficiency air
- Apr 11, 2017 -

High efficiency air filters are generally used as the end of the filter, so the requirements of high efficiency filters are also the most stringent, the factory need to test by Taiwan. Efficient filter As the end is the most critical level of the filter, the need for additional "look at the photo." The most fundamental way to prolong the service life of a high-efficiency filter is to block the dust from the pre-filter. The replacement of pre-filter is generally not required to stop production, no need to debug, so experienced owners will focus on the attention and money on the pre-filter. For level 10,000 and 100,000 clean plant. Pre-Filter can choose F8 Filter, so the end of high-efficiency filter service life can be generally up to five years. In foreign projects and domestic new projects, the F8 filter is the most common pre-filter of non-homogeneous flow cleanroom. For the chip factory 100-level, 10-grade or higher level of clean plant, the common efficiency of the pre-filter is H10, many new projects simply choose HEPA. In the domestic past clean room air-conditioning system design, the filter is commonly configured as: coarse efficiency in efficiency. At that time the service life of high-efficiency filters was only 1--3 year, and the worst was months. It is evident that the efficiency of the pre-filter determines the service life of the end filter.