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- Apr 11, 2017 -

The most commonly used method of mechanical filtration sewage treatment, according to the filter media, mechanical filtration equipment is divided into granular media filtration and fiber filtration two types, granular media filtration mainly used sand and gravel filter media as filtration medium, through granular filtration material adsorption and sand particles between the pore water in the solid suspended solids interception effect filtering, the advantage is easy to recoil, the disadvantage is slow filter, generally not exceeding 7m/h; The core filtration layer is less, and the filtration precision is low, and only 20-40 μ m. It is not suitable for rapid filtration of high turbidity sewage.

The high efficiency asymmetric fiber filtration system adopts asymmetric fiber bundle material as filter material, its filter material is asymmetric fiber, on the basis of fiber bundle filter material, adds a nucleus, so that it has the advantages of fiber filter material and granular filter material, because of the special structure of filter material, so that the pore rate of the filtration bed quickly formed a small gradient density, so that the filter speed, the amount of dirt, easy backwash, through special design, so that dosing, mixing, flocculation, filtration and other processes in a reactor, So that the equipment can effectively remove the suspended organics in aquaculture water, reduce cod, ammonia nitrogen, nitrite and so on, especially suitable for the circulating water solid suspended solids filtration.