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- Apr 11, 2017 -

1, High filtration precision: the removal rate of suspended solids in water can reach 95%%, to macromolecular organics, viruses, bacteria, colloid, iron and other impurities have a certain removal effect, after a good coagulation treatment of water, the intake of 10NTU, the effluent 1NTU below;

2, filtration speed: Generally for the 40m/h, up to 60m/h, is the ordinary sand filter 3 times times more;

3, the amount of sewage is large: generally 15~35kg/m3, is the ordinary sand filter 4 times times more;

4, the backwash water consumption rate is low: the backwash water consumption is less than the 1 of the periodic filtration water;

5, the dosage is low, the operating cost is low: Because the filter bed structure and the filter material oneself characteristic, the flocculant dosing quantity is the conventional technology 1/2~1/3. The increase of the periodic water production, and the cost of running tons of water decreases;

6, small footprint: to make the same amount of water, the area of the general sand filter under 1/3.

7, adjustable strong. Filtration accuracy, interception capacity, filtration resistance and other parameters can be adjusted according to need;

8, filter material durable, life expectancy of 20 years or more.