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Backflow Filter
- Apr 11, 2017 -

On the system's back tubing, the function is to capture the pollutants produced or invaded within the system before returning to the tank. Therefore, it is the most effective and important filter for controlling the pollution concentration of the system. Although the low-pressure pipeline, but according to the operation of the transmission device, there will also be pulsating or pressure shocks, so the components of material, strength should be fully considered. Import Pumps

Circular Filter

Set in the fuel tank cycle of the circuit, the system of large capacity, so demanding stringent cleanliness is often used, even if the system is not working, can also trap pollutants in the tank, therefore, reducing the efficiency of the pollution concentration. In addition, the cooler is installed with the advantages of cooling, easy maintenance and so on. But need to use special pumps and motors, high cost.

air filter

Set up in the fuel tank with the air in the tank to prevent the contamination of the oil in the tank. Therefore, the filtration accuracy should have the same performance as the filter, the capacity to leave ample room to prevent the hole blocking due to the pressure of the tank into negative pressure, causing the pump cavity phenomenon. Be especially aware of the harsh surroundings.

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