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Action mechanism
- Apr 11, 2017 -

1, asymmetric fiber filter structure efficient automatic gradient density fiber filter core technology is the use of asymmetric fiber bundle material as filter material, at one end of the loose fiber bundle, the other end of the fiber bundle fixed in the larger proportion of solid body, when filtering, a larger proportion of solid core has played a tight effect on the filament bundle, and the uniformity of the porosity distribution of the filtration section is not affected by the smaller kernel size, thus improving the filtration capacity of the filter bed. The filtration bed has high porosity, small surface area, high filtration rate, the advantages of large amount of dirt and high filtration precision, when suspended logistics in water through fiber filter surface, in van der Waals gravity and electro-mechanical effect, suspended solids and fiber bundle adhesion is much greater than the adhesion of quartz sand, which is conducive to improve filtration speed and precision.

2, on the sparse dense continuous gradient density filter structure

The filter bed composed of asymmetric fiber bundle filter material under the pressure of water flow, the water flow through the filtration layer of resistance, from top to bottom, the water head loss gradually decreased, the flow speed more and faster, the compaction degree of the filter material more and more high, porosity and smaller, so along the flow direction, automatically formed a continuous gradient density filter layer distribution, forming a inverted pyramid structure. The structure is very beneficial to the effective separation of solid suspended solids in water, i. e. the particles from the upper part of the filter bed are easily trapped in the lower narrow passage filter, and the unification of high filtration speed and high precision filtration is achieved, and the filtration quantity of filter is improved, and the filtration cycle is prolonged.

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