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Residential Solar Powered Land Based Sea Water Desalination System Water Maker Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plant for Island Use for Home

Product Details: Land desalination equipment solutions Land use desalination for the island, resident and coastal water shortage city. Can effectively remove the seawater of inorganic salts, heavy metal ions, organic matter, bacteria and bacteria and other harmful ingredients, seawater...

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Product Details

Product Details:

Land desalination equipment solutions

Land use desalination for the island, resident and coastal water shortage city. Can effectively remove the seawater of inorganic salts, heavy metal ions, organic matter, bacteria and bacteria and other harmful ingredients, seawater desalination that is the use of seawater desalination process to produce fresh water.The desalination of seawater to meet the national standard of drinking water quality water. Reverse osmosis is one of the main treatments of seawater desalination. The reverse osmosis method separates seawater from fresh water using a semipermeable membrane that allows only the solvent to pass through and does not allow solute to pass. Under normal circumstances, Membrane spread to the side of the sea, due to the resistance of the semipermeable membrane, the water side of the liquid surface gradually increased until the rise to a certain height to stop, this process for the infiltration.At this point, the water side of the water column static pressure is called osmotic pressure. If an outside pressure is applied to the seawater side of the seawater, the pure water in the seawater will penetrate into fresh water. The biggest advantage of reverse osmosis is the saving of space and energy consumption.

Equipment process:


Equipment characteristics:

All of the system piping is made of corrosion-resistant material to ensure the durability of the complete system.The host system uses the most advanced RO membrane components, according to the equipment of water production combined with efficient and unique energy recovery technology designed to ensure that the system operation of low energy consumption.And equipped with advanced detection and monitoring system to ensure that the system is running reliable, high water quality and the operation of the system to provide accurate information. The whole system is equipped with advanced flow control, pressure and other control instruments and pressure relief, discharge piping to ensure the smooth operation of the entire pipeline system, safe, convenient and reliable.

Application scope:

Widely used in the island, boat, fishing, fishing boats, sea operations, island water, industrial, commercial, residential ships use.



(1)Seawater because of its high salt content, and can not be directly used, the main use of two methods to dilute the sea water, namely, distillation and reverse osmosis.Distillation is mainly used for large desalination and heat-rich areas and high energy consumption.Reverse osmosis membrane for a wide range of applications, low energy consumption and desalination rate is high, so be widely used.

(2)JCDWATER desalination machine using the best international quality desalination reverse osmosis membrane.The film desalination rate is high, stable performance, safe and reliable.RO high-pressure pump with international brands of special desalination pump and high and low pressure protection device to ensure the safety and reliability of equipment.Desalination machine water quality in line with national drinking water quality standards (GB5749-85), do not add any chemicals, can be directly drinking, sweet and delicious.

(3)JCDWATER desalination machine from the use of portable, reliable water, cheap and so on, after a long period of design and practice, the reliable technology, advanced technology into one, so that our equipment stand out! From here on, you will experience different experiences!


(1)JCDWATER desalination machine also has a new design, high integration characteristics.

(2)JCDWATER seawater desalination machine volume is only 90CM long, wide 90CM, high 136CM, weighs only 150-200KG, mobile design, easy to move and assembly.

(3)JCDWATER desalination machine supporting most of the water inlet and outlet parts, get the product connected to water and electricity can be used, easy to operate.

(4)JCDWATER desalination machine for a wide range of power supply, can be connected to ordinary household AC power, gasoline (diesel) generators, but also access to solar energy, wind energy and other environmentally friendly energy.


(1)High-quality 5 micron PP filter, economical and practical pretreatment filter.

(2)Domestic high-quality stainless steel raw water pump.

(3)Equipment equipped with caster and adjustable feet, can be easily moved, and for more environments under the assembly and use.


(1)SEKO metering dosing pump, precision dosing, reduce seawater desalination RO membrane fouling.

(2)High-quality 1 micron folding filter, can remove fine particles within 1 micron, the effective protection of seawater desalination film.

(3)Italy imported AR high-pressure pump, safe corrosion, low failure rate, stable operation.


(1)US imports of Dow desalination RO membrane, desalination rate of up to 99.5%.

(2)High-quality quartz sand filter, can remove large particles of water impurities, algae, etc., and can be manually cleaned independently.

(3)All high-voltage connections using SS316 material, safe anti-corrosion.

(4)Low-pressure pipe fittings using high-quality UVPC pipe fittings.


(1)This device is a key to run automatically, easy to operate.

(2)Automatic cleaning

(3)Automatic dosing, reduce seawater desalination film scaling.

(4)This device is protected by high and low voltage to prevent possible damage caused by various faults.

(5)This equipment fault alarm and instructions can be quickly and easily identify the cause and quick maintenance.

(6)A variety of flow, pressure detection instrument can be monitored at any time equipment operating status.

(7)On-line conductivity meter, real-time display of production water conditions.

(8)Fully polished stainless steel body, safe and firm, beautiful and generous.