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Multi bag filter housings

Multi bag filter housings

Custom bag filter technology description The multi-circular liquid custom bag filter effectively removes dirt, scale and other contaminants from the process fluid. The high quality construction and design guarantees clean discharge and protection of all downstream equipment. Multi-type custom...

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Multi bag filter housings Operation

Unfiltered liquid enters the housing above the filter bags or strainer baskets,fills the interior of the housing and continues through the bag or strainer basket.Solids are trapped inside the filter bags or strainers and easily removed when the housing is serviced.Our standard O-ring seal between the baskets and the housing ensures a positive seal to prevent bypass.

Working Principle of multi bag filter housings

Bag filter is a new filtration system, filter bag supported within the metal basket, the liquid flows into the inlet,

filtered through the bag out from the exit, impurities were intercepted in the bag, the bag after the replacementcan continue to use.

The bag filters is through the filter bag, in the effects of stress, through the filter bag, be prefiltration filter bag interception down pollutants

 stranded in the filter bag,filter bag phosphate contained residue stay inside, and

filtrate along metal bearing a basket with netting on top wall outflow, achieve  the purpose of filter.

Operation instructions of multi bag filter housings

Simple operation, it just required that qualified micron filter bag be installed in the filter basket strainer, check working condition of the O shape sealing ring , then tighten the ring bolt of filter cover to start working. After pump is started, the pressure gauge will slightly rise, initial pressure is around 0.05Mpa,as the working time increases, the residue inside the filter housing will increase gradually, when pressure raches 0.4Mpa, the filter must be stopped working and operator should open the filter cover to check the residue in the bag, replaceable filter bag could be continue used (generally,washed bag filters could be repeated use). It is appropriate that filter pressure be setted at 0.1-0.3Mpa , but it could be adjusted through the return line or return valve on pump ,it is important that high working pressure will damage the filter bag and protection strainer.

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