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plastic bag filter housing

1 bag Filter Housing 1.1Qic-Lock flange series

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Product Details

These single bag filter housings offer a wide range of flow capacities and contaminant-holding capabilities.

When ordered as a filter, it's fitted with perforated  baskets designed to hold disposable or cleanable filter bags. Industry-standard size bags are used: the standard 30 inch baskets accept bag size 2, the optional 15 inch baskets take size 1.


· Multiple housing styles available (standard, quick access, low profile, hinged)

· Permanently piped housings are opened without tools and without disturbing the piping

· Machined cover gasket groove provides positive O-ring sealing

· Large-area, 30 inch deep, heavy-duty, 9/64 inch perforated baskets

· Easy to clean

· Low pressure drop

· Seal materials: EPDM, Viton


Cooling Tower Water


Biodiesel Production

Coolant Filtration

Remediation Sites

Solvents, Paints

Edible Oils



Waste Water





Food and Beverage


Process Water

Plating Solutions


Industrial Waste Water Treatment



Hydraulic Fluids

Cutting Fluids

Ground Water Remediation



- All the parts of this series filters are made of UPVC material for best chemical compatibility and corrosion resistance.

- All filter housings hydrostatically tested

- A series: The lid and the body are connected by a nut. Ensure a good seal performance.

- B series: The lid and the body are connected using eyebolts flange method, ensure the filter can stand higher pressure.

- UPVC cartridge filter housing is corrosion resistant, It can be used in SS-none-replace field .

- It is achieved 0-0.6Mpa 100,000 times recycle fatigue test successfully.




Process water Filtration

Plating Solutions




Hydraulic Fluids

Ground Water Remediation

Industrial Waste Water Treatment



The highest working temperature is 45℃, The size of the two holes in the lid of the filter is G1/4″. If the thread of the pressure gauge is metric standard, should add an adaptor.




The liquid which will be purged should be poured into the bag filter from the inlet, then the liquid flow from the inner surface of the bag to the outer surface. At last, it will come into the appointed tank. On reverse, the impurity will hold up in the bag. The filter can be recycled when changed another new bag.

1. UPVC material has good corrosion resistant.

2. The unique seal system makes the filter more safety.

3. It can prevent the bag plunged into the support basket, no inner leak.

4. Good appearance and compact inner construct.

5. High precision, the filter range can be from 0.5 - 200um.

6. High efficiency of filter: quick flow of liquid, big capacity of impurity.

7. The price is more competitive.



If the plastic upvc corrosion resistant size 1# 2# 7x32 7x17 single bag filter housing caters to your requirement, welcome to contact our factory for more details. As one of the leading and experienced manufacturers and suppliers in China, we are always at your service.